Frustrated, Concerned, or Disappointed with your…


  • Sick & Tired of missing your sales targets?
  • Frustrated with discounting just to win business?
  • Concerned about being a commodity?


  • Disconnected branding or just time for an update?
  • Worn out, old website not creating business?
  • Unsure of using social media to create leads?


  • Stuck in a rut putting out fires all day?
  • Driven crazy by high turnover?
  • Irritated by under-performing teammates?


  • Wasting time at “Old School” Referral meetings?
  • Aggravated by cruddy referrals?
  • Wasting money at your referral ONLY club?

What Mike Wilbins, President of Meeks Group is saying about us...

We had also become trapped in 5 separate silos. Our signs, banner, and wraps division is arguably tops in Oklahoma; however, they were selling very little print, direct mail, or promotional products. Our print and direct mail divisions print millions of pieces, yet that area was selling in their silo as well. And, we didn’t have a transparent, manageable sales process. In fact, we had to wait months to see if the sales team was even working on a day to day basis.  

Mike Wilbins, President, Meeks Group

What Katie Spadoro, Owner of CYB Human Resources is saying about us...

Robert has been a pleasure to work with and learn from. He is very knowledgeable about guiding business growth and expansion. His background in sales training is extensive and is easily transferrable into everyday life. I appreciate him and his strategic plans and I am happy to have him as part of the team at CYB Human Resources while we continue to grow! Thanks Robert!  

Katie Spadoro, PHR, Owner, CYB Human Resources

What Amy J. Campbell, Owner of The Red Checker, LLC is saying about us...

The one-to-one consulting from Robert was genuine, authentic, and directed at the real obstacle in my sales process. After this meeting, I scrapped a proposal I was working on and changed my approach entirely and subsequently, I won the project. It was refreshing to find a repeatable sales workflow based on principles that are in alignment with my personal value system of being authentic.

Robert gave me permission to approach sales in a way that is disarmingly honest enabling me to achieve more success than I have in the recent past. It was also a much more enjoyable sales experience for all parties involved.  

Amy J. Campbell, CMRP, Owner, The Red Checker, LLC

What Jay Hoey, Director of Hiring & Training at Brewer Carpet One is saying about us...

In our industry, there is tremendous downward pressure on prices. Our sales team struggled with differentiating our company in the marketplace and thus found ourselves with ever decreasing margins and bigger and bigger expenditures on traditional advertising. We needed something to get us out of the rat race of price matching, that something was someone, Robert Johnson with Bold Growth Strategies.  

Robert’s training taught our staff to confront and challenge traditional selling systems. The sales process we now use, with Robert’s help, has created a pipeline of real customers with higher margins, and bottom feeders looking for the cheapest prices…we send them to our competitors!

Jay Hoey, Director of Hiring & Training, Brewer Carpet One

What Sally Roper, Owner of My Creative Pixel is saying about us...

If you want to grow your business, you need to know Bold Growth Strategies! Period. They have helped me understand so much more of the selling process. At first, I thought, well I’m a graphic designer, I don’t need to know how to sell. But I DID! Owning my own business, I have to know that side and how to generate more business and grow relationships.

Robert at Bold did just that. He has taught me what to do and what NOT to do. How to build long-term relationships with clients and serve them better. Thank you, Bold! You helped me save my business.

Sally Roper – Owner, My Creative Pixel

What Noel Malan with Five Rings Financial is saying about us...

I had experience in sales, but it was largely the “old school”methods. Five Rings philosophy is to give our clients the education and information they need to make good decisions and to avoid the typical hard close. Your methodology is a perfect fit with our philosophy and is applicable not just to sales, but to recruiting and even training.

Now some of us are slow learners and thus being able to sit through two cycles of your course allowed me to gain so much more. Thus, I have been able to internalize the concepts better and I believe not only my clients feel less pressured and more receptive, but I am more relaxed as well. Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given the proverbial old dog to learn new tricks!  

Noel Malan – RVP, Five Rings Financial

What Ryan at Tip Top K-9 is saying about us...

Last year we ran into a very frustrating issue, I knew we should be selling a lot more and was very frustrated with our percentages sold and knew our business as a whole should be growing a lot more than it was. As the number one ranked dog trainer in the area our growth was still really poor and not being able to do it on our own was driving me crazy. I was doing everything i knew but still hitting brick walls.

Hiring Robert immediately took our 8-year-old business to another level! Our sales numbers and percentage sold climbed a ton!! 3 months after hiring him we had two of our biggest months ever by 30% gross!!  This month (6 months later) has been our new biggest month ever at 15% over our previous highest grossing month.

Ryan Wimpey – Owner, Tip Top K-9

What Dave of Discharge to In Charge is saying about us...

I have been in sales for about 6 years.  I thought the process in which I was taught was very non-aggressive, but after a few trainings I was blown away by how natural the process could be.I was doing fairly well in my stats, and closing ratios were slightly above average in my industry.

After discovering the Bold Strategies, I was pleasantly surprised to see the communication amplify my closing percentages.  I have the confidence to set clear expectations with my clients, and this has improved my sales exponentially.

Dave Burlin, Founder of Discharge to Incharge and