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Robert Johnson, VP of Bold Sales & Marketing

I’m passionate about helping sales professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses growth their sales through training, coaching, and sometimes taking over their entire sales and marketing divisions of their companies as a short-term bridge management team. I believe our prospects deserve professional sales professionals highly trained and not using “Old School,” high pressure, status quo tactics.

I typically get referred to successful sales professionals and businesses that are doing well but sometimes struggle with inconsistent sales growth, are concerned their goods and services are being treated like a commodity, frustrated their sales team has to discount, beg, peddle, and push to get business at low margins, or may be losing sleep because they are missing their big growth goals. Often they are having a few issues with hiring top gun sales professionals who look great on paper but don’t perform and may even be sick and tired of baby sitting their so called, “Sales Professionals.”

You may be crushing your goals, breaking records, and have zero issues with sales, and as such, I’m not sure if any of these issues are even a concern for you, your business, or a professional you care about. If something caught your attention, please consider connecting with me here on LinkedIn and sending me an email at Robert.Johnson@BoldGrowthStrategies.com.

Happy Hunting!
Robert Johnson

Specialties: Business Development | Sales Training | Marketing | Management Development | Sales Performance Coaching | Sales Force Development | Professional Selling | Strategic Selling | Management Consulting | Executive Coaching | Recruiting Sales Professionals | Hiring Sales Professionals | Sales Evaluations | Sales Coaching | Sales Assessments | Sales Team Evaluations | Employee Development | Customer Service | Strategic Management Solutions.