Regret or Sacrifice? Either way a price will be paid. It is up to you which one.

Regret or Sacrifice? Either way a price will be paid. It is up to you which one.

It is pretty common for me to work with high performing teams and sales professionals and many set high goals.  And, not surprisingly most that do end up achieving their big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGS) conquering their fears, and making a significant contribution.

I’ve learned from these high performers to understand that there is a price of discipline and doing the real work OR a price of regret and not doing the real work.  Either way, there is a price that MUST be paid.  And, ultimately, it is your choice of whether you are willing to pay the price, stay the course, and be disciplined or NOT.

6 Steps to Achieving B.H.A.G.s

  1. Set crystal clear, well defined, measurable goals.  Clarify your driving passion.  Why is this goal emotionally important to you?
  2. Develop a specific strategy as to the activities that will be required on a weekly basis to achieve that goal in the specific amount of time.  I recommend 84 days or 12 weeks broken down into weekly targeted activity, as this is long enough to get real work done, but not so long that it allows for procrastination.
  3. Track your activity and be accountable to yourself on a weekly or daily basis.
  4. Have an external coach, adviser, or confidant that you can share all the above with and be accountable to them weekly as well.  (ZERO excuses for not hitting activity metrics).
  5. At the end of 84 days, leave everything on the field, nothing in the tank!  Go all out as if your life depended upon it!
  6. Take a week off, regroup, and start all over with brand new 84 day goals with drive and a strategy.  (Aka wash, rinse, repeat.)

Raging Success!

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