Bold Sales

You just hired a new sales person, gave theme the handbook with 101 ways to close and expect sales to grow. If you are not currently meeting your sales goals, having trouble building long term sales relationships or dealing with prospecting reluctance we want to help. Join us and learn how to accelerate your sales growth and improve performance.

Bold Leaders

Through an innovative approach to communications and change management we help organizations to be more effective in every aspect.  Bold Leadership uses proprietary assessments and organizational health surveys to identify the top-down, bottom-up, and lateral challenges and develops a strategic, customized plan to eliminate barriers of communication, and free flow of productive ideas. We are often brought into companies…

  1. That spent a lot of money on a so called “Strategic Plan” and then dust it off every year to come up with a new one;
  2. Frustrated that the entire organization doesn’t even know who their ideal client is nor how to find them;
  3. Concerned that they are overly focused on the never ending complexities of regulations and compliance and have become buried up in the day to day operations.

Bold Managers

We find that many organizations end up focused on the wrong end of the problem, which could include training and development devoted to a team that is not in the correct role or perhaps shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

Bold Management helps with all aspects of administrative management inclusive of pre-interview and pre-hire screening, assessments to discover and implement the best training and development programs for their specific team, and adds an element of self-accountability that allows the team to achieve ever increasing levels of success.

We are often consulted because…

  1. An organization struggles with high turnover, lack luster performance, or stagnant internal advancement;
  2. Concerned about year over year consistent returns and growth; or
  3. Losing sleep over feeling more like a babysitter than manager for their teams.