Let me ask you a question…do you know someone that no matter what happens they ALWAYS reach their goals and have crazy success? Chances are that you do, and you probably also know a few people that seem to struggle with just about everything…and no matter how hard they try, something always knocks them off course before they reach their goals.

Many people set goals at the beginning of each year or New Year’s Resolutions and a striking number of people, MOST, don’t follow through past the first or second month of the year.

January first this year my friends and family gathered for a delicious lunch and shared our New Year’s Resolution publicly with the people that love and support us throughout the year. We know that we are much more likely to follow through with our goals if they are public and we have some support…that’s how it was supposed to help.

Of course, we had the normal goals: lose weight, make more money, pay off credit cards, spend more time on worthy causes, love more, live more, and travel more. It seemed perfect that we could help support each other and frankly I was surprised how openly everyone shared and the degree of detail that spilled out.

However, by days end a couple of my friends had already fractured their resolutions. So, what is the silent killer that murders goal success, whether that be a short term, long term, or New Year’s Resolution? It is the fractured self-esteem.

Please let me explain…when we set goals and not follow through even a little we fracture our self-esteem which then acts like a virus. For example, let’s say you’ve committed to working out three times this week but by the end of the week you’ve only gone once or twice. No big deal right? Wrong! You set a very specific, measurable activity; however, when you skipped the workout you took a hit on your self-esteem and self-belief. Next week, is even more difficult and skipping another one or two starts to form a pattern and this year is already like last.

Perhaps, when setting new goals, we put a daily or weekly activity that is absolutely likely we will accomplish.

In this example, it could have been to put on your workout clothes, strap on your exercise shoes, and go to the gym. And, no matter what you forced yourself to at least go…you don’t have to work out, but you do have to go sit for one hour three times each week. I know it sounds silly; however, by strengthening your self-esteem and self-belief muscles, eventually you will work out most of the time. Then you can increase your level of commitment with stronger belief.

Hopefully, you have taken your long term goals and subdivided them into shorter term goals. And, ultimately down to weekly goals. Those weekly goals can be broken down into the amount of specific, measurable activities that will, if followed, lead to your short term goals that can be added to reach your long term goals. If you haven’t done so yet, this short exercise can change your future completely…you’ll be in the driver’s seat for designing your life, not the passenger’s seat nor the trunk!

Whichever, activities you set for yourself, make sure that you successfully complete those activities every time, any less will damage your success and not just for the acquisition of that specific goal. Failure in any area makes it more difficult for you in every area! If you must change anything, make the goals easier and give yourself much longer to reach your bigger goals.

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